Mean Girls the musical - It Roars (Reprise) Lyrics

2018 Broadway
MEAN GIRLS the Musical - It Roars (Reprise) Lyrics

"It Roars (Reprise)" is a song from Mean Girls the Musical performed by Erika Henningsen (Cady) and Ensemble.

I'm sixteen, just like everyone here
But I'm not like everyone here.
It's clear
It's gonna be a rough year.

They have codes and social signifiers
That everyone seems to get
But not me.
Not yet.

Did you ever get a feeling,
Expectations need adjusting,
And you need to lick your wounds,
In the ladies bathroom stall?
I'm not quitting.
I'm re-grouping.
I'll just sit and eat my sandwich...

And tomorrow I'll find friends who hear the call
The same call,
That need to belong,
That roars!

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It Roars (Reprise) lyrics from Mean Girls the musical

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