Operette Lyrics

1938 London
Operette the Musical - Operette Lyrics

The song is written by Noël Coward.

Girls :
Tell us, darling Liesl, please,
How you became a star:
Was it hard in the beginning?
Were you sinned against?
Or were you sinning?

Liesl :
In reconstructing my career for you
I must make one thing clear for you,
That’s only fair.

Girls :
We’ll concentrate with all our might.

Liesl :
Be under no misapprehension,
I do not intend to mention
Who my lovers were.

How disappointing, but how right!

But all the same
You will agree
An artist’s life can never be
Quite free from blame.

But don’t forget
And try to see

That everything in life to me
Is Operettes

Ever since a child of tender age
The world has been a stage
For me to dance upon;

Wedding bells could never ring for me,
The only thing for me
Was “ Getting On.”

I made my start

While other girls were having love affairs
I set my heart

Upon a destiny above affairs.

Throughout my lonely youth
I knew too much reality.

So now my only truth
Is artificiality.

But if some light refrain
Can make me live again
Then you can really clearly see
All that 1 am or wish to be.

Something remembered of joy and regret.
That’s Operette—That’s Operette
Melodies that call to mind forgotten laughter,
Songs that linger in the memory for ever after.
That was my start,
That is my heart.

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Operette the Musical Lyrics

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