My dear Miss Dale Lyrics

1938 London
Operette the Musical - My dear Miss Dale Lyrics

The song is written by Noël Coward.

“My dear Miss Dale,
When you receive this letter
I shall be far away,
And hope you will forgive me when I say
That it is better
For you and I
To say good-bye-”

(spoken:) But why ?—but why-? It was only
to-day—he said—he said he loved me-
Duchess (j inexorably ): Go on.

Mary (singing):
“ Trust must prevail,
And in our hearts’ confusion
Whatever love we give
It’s better far that we should learn to live
Without illusion-”

The Chorus softly sings a melody,
bouche fermie —
Mary sings against it.

Mary (singing):
What have I done that you should treat me so ?
What bitter Fate should wish to cheat me so ?

Why should this hour of happiness supreme
Change to despair with the swiftness
of a troubled dream?

I only know all my love I gave to you
With happy heart willingly a slave to you.

This foolish heart that you have
so cruelly betrayed
I now withdraw from you,

For ever more from you.
For ever more

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