Foolish virgins Lyrics

1938 London
Operette the Musical - Foolish virgins Lyrics

The song is written by Noël Coward.

Men : Here are ladies,

Charming ladies,

A fascinating flock of them—

Our hearts are taking stock of them ;

No well-respected amorist
Could be expected to resist
This lovely group
Of feminity,

So.we stoop

On bended knee. (They kneel.)

Girls : Here are gentlemen,

Handsome gentlemen,

Tho’ conscience may be muttering.

Our hearts insist on fluttering;

We feel to-day our luck is in
But can’t betray our genuine
Relief to meet
So much virility
At our feet
In all humility,

None the less
Our gay fragility
They mustn’t guess.

Men : Dear little ladies, we beseech you
Not to be deaf to what we say,

If our romantic thoughts could reach you
Maybe you’d consent to stay
And not be too offended ;

We should think it splendid
If you’d just consent to stay.

Girls : If we were offended
We’d go away,

But we must not appear too witling
Lest you should think us not quite nice,

Tho’ we admit it might be thrilling
Just for once to sacrifice
Our sense of obligation
To our education,

Which was very strict and stern.

Men : What is education
If not to learn?

Just a stroll beside the ocean
Might be a notion

More or less acceptable to moral views.
Girls : It really would be too ungracious to refuse.
Men : After that delicious ramble

We might enjoy a little gamble ;

Girls : Backing your luck may be a thrill.

But we prefer a game of skill.

Men : Later on with Moet Chandon
You might abandon

All disturbing fears of what Mamma would think.

Girls : You surely don’t suppose we’d ever take to drink I

Men : Later still we might persuade you

To take a swim as Nature made you.
Girls : Fie and for shame, you go too far.
Kindly remember that we are:


One little
Two little
Three little
Four little
Five Little
Six little
Foolish Virgins

Eager to be some good man’s wife
And learn the facts of life.

Neat little
Sweet little
Shy little
Sly. little
Meek little
Chic little
Chicks emergin’

Out of the shell that held them fast
At last—At last—At last.

Please excuse our artless prattling.
We’re as green as nuts in May,

On the loose and almost rattling
For the matrimonial fray.

We’ve one little
Two little
Three little
I"our little
Five little
Six little
Egos urgin’

Any rich man we chance to see
To take us on a spree
With a substantial guarantee,
Foolish Virgins We.

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