Spies Are Forever - SYNOPSIS

A New Comedy Musical (2016)
Spies Are Forever the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Act I

At the Russian Weapons Facility in 1957, Agent Curt Mega has been captured and is tortured for information involving his agency. Agent Owen Cavour is revealed to be one of the Russian operatives, and he and Curt escape the compound, communicating with Cynthia Houston, the director of the Americans and also Barbara Lavernor, who is one of the medical scientists. During the two calls it is learned that Owen works for the British and that Cynthia wants him to work for the Americans and that Curt plans to blow up the facility instead of just give Barb the plans he has stolen. Curt drops a banana peel and leaves it claiming that this whole place will be garbage in a few minutes and sets the timer for three minutes. Russian operatives surround Curt and Owen (Spies are Forever Lyrics). Curt and Owen run away while the Russians are distracted by the blast and go to make their escape, but Owen trips on the banana peel and falls down, too injured to escape (The Coldest Goodbye Lyrics).

Four years of grieving time and Curt Mega is back in the Secret Service. In Budapest in 1961, Curt goes to a bar to speak with The Informant. He says the code, "I hear the salty fish from down under is simply to die for" but has some trouble finding him. Once he does, Curt talks to him about his mission, and also implies the Informant's carelessness. The Informant implies Curt's incompetence because of his mysterious partner fatality. The Informant clears the bar and Curt wonders if he can do this again (Spy Again Lyrics).

Moments later, on the loading dock, a deadly arms deal is going down with The Deadliest Man Alive and Co. and Sergio Santos, a family man (Somebody's Gotta Do It  Lyrics). Curt Mega and Tatiana Slozhno, the Russian Spy, stop the deal from being made, and both The Deadliest Man Alive and Sergio escape. Tatiana and Curt fight for the bomb, but Tatiana is the one who ends up taking it, but Curt grabs a business card from her, which has the hotel she is staying at.

A few days later, at the American Secret Service HQ Curt Mega walks into Cynthia's office, who is on the phone with Vice President Nixon. When she gets off the phone, she expresses her distaste in how the mission went. She talks about The Deadliest Man Alive and tells Curt to be a better spy, giving him some tough love. She talks about how there is a World Peace Gala this week, which is a coming out party for the New Democtatic Republic of Old Socialist Prussian Etc., and she calls the prince an "inexperienced inbred virgin" but she wants an alliance with him to get back at the Russians. She decides to teach Curt the implications of his failure (Keep Your Eyes On The Prize I Lyrics). Then Curt goes to the A.S.S. Technology lab where he sees Barb again, and she tells him about all the new gadgets they have made and shaves the beard off of his face (Pay Attention Lyrics). Once she gives Curt everything he needs and sends him on his way, Barb confesses her feelings for Mega (Barb's Lamlet Lyrics).

At the Richman's Casino, Monte Carlo the following evening, Curt goes undercover to retrieve the bomb Tatiana has stolen (Eyes On The Prize II Lyrics). Curt embarrasses himself in front of Tatiana along with the help of Richard "Dick" Big. Tatiana leads him up to her room where the Deadliest Man Alive is waiting to capture him. In Tatiana's hotel room, Dr. Baron Von Nazi reveals his plan and reveals why Tatiana is working for him (he has her family). He reveals that she isn't done yet even though she promised and hinted that she may never pay off her debt. He orders The Deadliest Man Alive to kill Mega, and The Deadliest Man Alive proceeds to torture him until he dies. Conflicted, Tatiana decides to aid Mega in his escape and knocks the Deadliest Man Alive unconscious, but while they fight about her motives, the Deadliest Man Alive shoots Mega (Torture Tango Lyrics).

Act II

Geneva holds a World Peace Gala in honor of Prussian independence and in celebration of their new prince. Everyone in attendance publicly praises the prince and gives him their full support, but in reality, everyone thinks he is incompetent and unqualified ("We Love the Prince! Lyrics"). Cynthia is in attendance, and Curt sneaks in to the gala and finds her. He recounts his escape from Monte Carlo and the Nazis' plan to capture the prince. However, Mega has direct orders from Cynthia to abort his mission, and Cynthia refuses to budge. So Curt goes rogue and reveals the Nazis' plan to the entire gala. Overhearing this, Von Nazi and the Deadliest Man Alive shoot and kill the prince instead.

Tatiana and Curt flee to a safe house where Curt's mother lives. Alone, Tatiana tells Curt her story--at four years old, she was taken from her family by the KGB and trained as an assassin. But it became too much, and her only means of escape from the organization was to flee Russia and abandon her family. She is not able to contact them out of fear that if her family knew her whereabouts, the Soviets would torture and kill them ("Prisoner of My Past Lyrics"). In return, Curt reveals his fears about his future and his reputation, as well as what happened to Owen. As the two grow closer, they acknowledge the stereotypical romantic relationship that seems to be unfolding between the leading male and female, and although neither is attracted to the other in that way, they flirt anyway. After they share a kiss, however, Tatiana rejects Curt, and they clear up the confusion about mixed signals and agree to be friends ("Doing This Lyrics"). Mrs. Mega, oblivious to what is really going on, observes the couple from another room and begins to plan their wedding ("Pay Attention! (Reprise) Lyrics").

Back in Prussia, Curt and Tatiana meet up with the Informant and Barb to prepare for the battle ahead. They drink together in celebration of their friendship ("One More Shot Lyrics"). Von Nazi and the Deadliest Man Alive meet with members of the Prussian government to influence them to elect a new leader, and they agree to put the Nazis in power ("Not So Bad (Reprise) Lyrics"). Curt and Tatiana arrive and the Prussian officials escape, but the Deadliest Man Alive stabs and kills Von Nazi and is revealed to be Owen in disguise. He felt betrayed by Curt the night he fell and believed that Curt had become unqualified to be a spy. He became part of an organization that was funding and developing a surveillance network. Killing Von Nazi allowed Owen access to materials to develop the technology and distribute it globally, invading the privacy of civilians around the world. After Owen reveals the location of the computer system housing the network, Owen shoots and kills the Informant.

Tatiana and Curt agree to split up--Tatiana will destroy the computer system using the bomb Von Nazi made her steal, and Curt will go after Owen ("One Step Ahead Lyrics"). At the Russian Weapons Facility, Curt and Owen fight until they have loaded pistols aimed at each other. Curt tells Owen that his facility is being destroyed, and Owen reveals that the single facility he originally mentioned is not the only one, and the network will render the A.S.S. useless. Curt attempts to reason with Owen, asking him to remember the good times, and it is revealed that Curt and Owen were in love with each other. Despite the knowledge that harming Owen won't take the system offline, when Owen tells Curt to move on, Curt shoots Owen in the head, killing him.

Curt goes back to A.S.S. Headquarters and resigns. By destroying the computer system, Tatiana had also destroyed her history of involvement with the KGB, and Curt gives her passports made by Mrs. Mega for her and her family to go back to Russia. Curt tells Tatiana he plans to go off the grid, but in a phone conversation with his mother, he reveals his new plan to take down the organization who originally built the surveillance network. To the audience, Curt expresses hope about the future, and how man's trust, love, and willpower makes them stronger than any machine ("Finale Lyrics").

As the curtain falls, the cast take their bows and do one last "Spy Dance Lyrics" for the crowd.

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