Spies Are Forever - Doing This Lyrics

A New Comedy Musical (2016)
Spies Are Forever the Musical - Doing This Lyrics

Song "Somebody's Gotta Do It" performed by Curt Mega (Mega) and Mary Kate Wiles (Tatiana) from the musical SPIES ARE FOREVER!

Curt: She's touching my hand...
Tatiana: He's looking kind of funny..
Curt: Wait, does she think I like her?
Tatiana: Is this because I touched his hand?
Curt: Well I guess...
Tatiana: Well I guess...
Both: I'll just go with it...
Curt: The very first time I saw you, three or four days ago,
I have to admit, I liked you a bit.
But, I didn't want you to know.
Tatiana: When you were a Nazi hostage,
All I could do was stare.
And I can't refute,
You looked pretty cute while you were tied to that chair.
Both: I guess we're doing this.
See that look in your eye? How could I resist?
Tatiana: I'm a girl.
Curt: I'm a guy.
Both: It's meant to be because we're both spies.
Time to move in for the kiss.
Just go with it and don't ask why.
I guess we're doing this...
Mrs. Mega: (spoken) Curtis,
I washed your whitey tighties.
You want some hot milk?
Curt: (spoken) Mom!
Mrs. Mega: (spoken) Alright!
Curt: When you stole that bomb, you stole my heart.
Tatiana: (spoken) Did he really just use that line?
Curt: Did I just use that line?
Tatiana: And I wanna be where you are all of the time.
Curt: (spoken) All of the time?
Tatiana: Some of the time.
Both: And now we're alone...
Tatiana: In your...mother's home.
Both: Surely, it must be a sign!
I guess we're doing this.
Mrs. Mega: They're doing it!
Both: We might as well try.
Mrs. Mega: Finally!
Both: If you insist..
Mrs. Mega: I do!
Both: Then so do I!
Mrs. Mega: I've waited such a long time!
Both: The story fits, hey, what could go wrong?
Mrs. Mega: Come on baby!
Both: Time for that moment of bliss..
Mrs. Mega: Move a little closer, move a little closer!
Both: Just close your eyes and think of this song.
Mrs. Mega: Ay, ay, ay, yeah!
Both: I guess we're doing this...
Mrs. Mega: They're gonna do it, they're gonna do it!
(They kiss)
Tatiana: (spoken) We're not doing this.
Curt: I'm...you're not my type.
Tatiana: (spoken) I can tell. So, you're into...?
Curt: (spoken) Yeah.
Tatiana: (spoken) Ah.
Curt: (spoken) I thought you...
Tatiana: I wasn't. But the mood suggested...
Curt: Of course. I figured when you said..
Tatiana: Not my intention.
Curt: Good. Me neither. I just wanted...
Tatiana: Uh huh. So we're just...
Curt: Friends?
Both: I guess we're not doing this.
We're better as friends.
Tatiana: That was not a good kiss.
I don't mean to offend.
Both: It's great to know that we don't have to pretend.
Curt: You're cool with me?
Tatiana: 'Till the end. But let's never do this again.
Curt: (spoken) Deal.
I'm happy to have you as my friend.

[Thanks to Blythe for lyrics]

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