Spies Are Forever - Not So Bad (Reprise) Lyrics

A New Comedy Musical (2016)
Spies Are Forever the Musical - Not So Bad (Reprise) Lyrics

Von Nazi: I know I can't convince you to replace your prince,
and trust me you have my sympathy.

But the guy was killed, you need to rebuild.
Oh Wait! I've just had an epiphany.

What if my Nazi friends made you strong again,
you could use a helping hand.

Your country's at its knees, time for a reprise.
The Nazis are not so bad.

You've been pushed to the ground,
But turn that frown upside down.

Prussian Diplomat: The Nazis are not so bad.

Von Nazi:(spoken) That's right!

No need to sell your soul, just give us control.

Prime Minister: The Nazis, they're not so bad.

Von Nazi: (spoken) Yes!

I should take the reins, I've got a very big brain.
You know its true so don't be mad,

Prime Minister: (spoken) Oh he's so big and strong

Royal Notary (The Informant): And I love this song!

All: The Nazis are not so bad

Von Nazi: (spoken) YEEEES

All: Nazis are not so bad,
Nazis are not so bad
Von Nazi: Not so bad

All: Nazis are not so, Nazis are not so,
Nazis, Nazis, Nazis, Nazis, are not, so

Von Nazi: Not so bad!

[Thanks to Shannon for lyrics]

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