Shuffle Along - Everything Reminds Me of You Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
Shuffle Along the Musical - Everything Reminds Me of You Lyrics

Hello, dearie, I’m feeling kinda blue.

Hello, dearie,
I’m feeling lonesome, too.

But I’m trying with all my energy
To be the strong-hearted boy you want me to be.

But, dear, you must resist each growing sentiment.

How can I exist,
And without you be content?

When in the blues of the skies
I see the blue of your eyes . . .
In the trilling song of a bird
Your voice is heard . . .
It thrills me, stills me,
With love’s anguish fills me.
In the white fleur-de-lys,
An emblem of your purity . . .
And when the bee sips the vine,
I feel your lips touch mine . . .
The breath from the rose,
Your perfumed tresses disclose. . . .
Everything reminds me of you, you.
Everything reminds me of you.

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Everything Reminds Me of You Lyrics Shuffle Along the Musical

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