Shuffle Along - Bandana Days Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
Shuffle Along the Musical - Bandana Days Lyrics

Why, the dearest daysof my life were bandana days,
Bandana days, though filled with turmoil, trouble, and strife.
Dearest mem’ries will live always. . . .

In those dear old bandana days,
Cane-and-cotton-ne’er-forgotten bandana days . . .
And in those quaint old bandana ways,
When our dads were courting our dear mammies,
They were sure some bashful sammies . . .

And in all their bandana plays:
Banjos strummin’, they’d be hummin’ bandana lays,
And in the pale moonlight
They’d swing left and right
In those dear old bandana days.

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Bandana Days Lyrics Shuffle Along the Musical

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