Shuffle Along - I'm Simply Full of Jazz Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
Shuffle Along the Musical - I'm Simply Full of Jazz Lyrics

Everybody thinks I’m crazy.
They say I’ve gone plum mad.
Everybody thinks I’m crazy,
Lost all the sense I ever had.

When they see me shake, it makes them shiver.
When I do a break, it makes them quiver.
But I’m not insane. I’m not to blame.
The cause of it all isn’t in my brain.

Just because I like to do a wiggle
In a regular Salome style,
Just because I like to do a li’l wriggle,
Like on the Hawaiian isle . . .

’Cause I kick like a donkey, jump way back,
’Cause I act like a money, and ball the jack,
And like Miss Minnie, I do the shimmy,
Keep my shoulders shaking until you hear them crack . . .

Just ’cause you see my feet a-shufflin’
Just because I act like a razz,
’Cause I seem a little hazy, I ain’t crazy.
I’m just full of jazz, jazz, jazz,
Simply full of jazz.

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I'm Simply Full of Jazz Lyrics Shuffle Along the Musical

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