Shuffle Along - Uncle Tom and Old Black Joe Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
Shuffle Along the Musical - Uncle Tom and Old Black Joe Lyrics


I’m Uncle Tom, and I’m Old Black Joe.
I came up from the time long ago.
My name’s in history.
Everyone sings of me.
Though three score and twenty,
We have pep aplenty.
Now we are going right down to the square,
And we will be showing the Mayor
Where he shall start to build a City Hall
And tell him when we’re coming to call.

We are electioneers, Jimtown electioneers,
And since ’61,
Old Black Joe and Uncle Tom,
At election time, whether rain or shine:
We’re down at the polls when they call the roll;
We have elected every president since ’63;
The last one that we elected was old Booker T.
If you want to know who makes Jimtown go,
It’s Uncle Tom and Old Black Joe.

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Uncle Tom and Old Black Joe Lyrics Shuffle Along the Musical

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