Twelfth Night - If You Were My Beloved Lyrics

2018 Public Works musical adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy
Twelfth Night the Musical - If You Were My Beloved Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Shaina Taub)

I would build a cabin right at your gate
‘Cause my heart would be chained to your floor
I would call up to your window til you opened up the door
If you were my beloved
If you were my beloved

I would write you songs of unanswered love
And sing ‘em loud late at night without shame
I would shout it from the rooftops
Til the heavens knew your name
If you were my beloved
If you were my beloved
If you were my beloved

Olivia (spoken):
What is your parentage?

Viola (spoken):
Above my fortunes, yet my state is well: I am a gentleman.

Olivia (spoken):
Get you to your lord;
I cannot love him: let him send no more--
Unless, perchance, you come to me again,
To tell me how he takes it.

Viola (spoken):
Farewell, fair cruelty.

Oh I feel a fever rise in my eyes
From the heat of his face as he passed
Olivia, be cautious
You’re falling far too fast!
Could he be my beloved?
He could be my beloved!
What ho, malvolio!

Malvolio (spoken):
Here, madam, at your service.

Olivia (spoken):
Run after that same peevish messenger.
He left this ring behind him; tell him I'll none of it.
I am not for him.
If that the youth will come this way tomorrow,
I'll give him reasons for it: hie thee, malvolio.

Malvolio (spoken):
Madam, I will.

A triple soliloquy, sung overlapping:

I don’t know what I’m doing
Is it just lust or must he be mine?
C’mon fate, give me a sign!

I want his love, but I’ll never win it
While she could have him in a minute
Isn’t it ironic?
I hope someday she
Head over heels
So she can see
How it feels!

What will she say to the boy?
He’s quite charming
Will she give me another cold shoulder?
Or will i finally hold her?

All Three:
I could throw all my sorrows away
And play joyful tunes on repeat

So sweet

All Three:
Alone, I’m puzzle pieces
But I would be complete

If you were my beloved

If you were my beloved

If you were my beloved

All Three:
If you were my beloved

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