Cagney - Action ("White Heat") Lyrics

Off-Broadway musical (2016)
Cagney the Musical - Action ("White Heat") Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Christopher McGovern)

Jack Warner:
You got the lights
You got the set
You got a part they won't forget
And you got me
The one
Who runs the bloody show

You got the role
The people crave
So cagney play it and behave
Then leave the set
And count the dough


What you're born to do
That's the role for you
Go on and shoot

Jack Warner (to cagney):
You're way too soft
That ain't enough
They want a thug
They want a tough
And thanks to me 
You've turned crime to a career

So grab that gun
And make it roar
Don't hold it back
Just gimme more
It's the performance of the year

What you're born to do
That's what’s best for you
Go on and shoot

Jack Warner:
You gotta be mean
The talkies ain't clean
Let's see the dirt
You gotta be tough
It's never enough
So make it hurt

And action

C'mon it's time
You're almost there
So let it rip beyond repair
And then together we can make another kill

You got the guts?
Then lemme see
Do it for us
Or just for me
You got the magic still

Do ya?
Do ya?
Do ya? Then go and shoot!


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