Cagney - Mean Lyrics

Off-Broadway musical (2016)
Cagney the Musical - Mean Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Christopher McGovern)

The street can be mean
Not hard to see how
With one little "pow"
You set up the scene

The little guy’s sinkin’
The bigger fish swims
From the second you wake in a bed
That’s harder than lead
You drown           
In this town

This town can be hard
They deal the deck
Your hand is a wreck
You drew the wrong card

The little guy borrows
The bigger fish owns
From the minute you try to compete
With too little to eat
You’re done           
And they’ve won...

But I couldn’t still get out there every dawn
Without the hope that somehow hope ain’t gone
So I’ll block
And I’ll fight
Keep the footwork nice n’ tight
And I’ll jab
Bob and weave
Take ‘em down you’d best believe
Till they pray to hear that bell
This little guy is gonna give ‘em giant hell...

A man can be tough
Don’t stay in your place
Get up in their face
The ride’ll get rough

The little guy’s fightin’
The bigger fish shakes
And the second i step in that ring
And I take that first swing
They’ll know           
What it means to be hard
What it means to be tough

What it means to be...Mean...

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