Cagney - A Work Of Genius (reprise) Lyrics

Off-Broadway musical (2016)
Cagney the Musical - A Work Of Genius (Reprise) Lyrics

If you want it done right
And want it done well
Then don't profess you're professional
Get the real deal
With a steel spiel
Oh no - no  need to thank me - just come back!

Warner:                             Jane:
A work of genius                 Isn’t he smart?
Ain't easily done                  He’s an honest working
You end up losing                Work of art
The goods that ya won         Isn’t he
Then you got nothin'            Don’t ever cross him
But I'll take you in!               Or out you go
A work of genius isn't easy

Jane (spoken):
Tell me.

Jack Warner (spoken):
Tell you what?

Jane (spoken):

Jack Warner:
Look at me!

Jack Warner (spoken):
Ah, what the hell!

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