Cagney - Some Other Guy Lyrics

Off-Broadway musical (2016)
Cagney the Musical - Some Other Guy Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Christopher McGovern)

Just a buncha ink there on a page
‘Bout what happened out onstage
Never figured it would get this far

Jack warner (skopen):
"When cagney walks on stage it feels like a bunch
of firecrackers going off all at once".

"Newcomer Mr. Cagney can do more with a glance
than most actors can do with a five minute speech".

It’s a different kind of game
If you fail you take the blame

Better stay where I can keep control
Better stay where I know the role...

Willie (spoken):
James francis Cagney, you’re going to be a star!

Cagney (spoken):
Nah, don’t say that. This is all going way too fast.
I need a minute to think.

Ma Cagney:
Punchin’ a clock
Just getting’ by
Goin’ through motions
Forgettin’ to try
Settlin’ for seconds
And not bein’ true
That’s for some other guy – not you

Tellin’ a fib
Not settlin’ a score
Thinkin’ that miracles
Don’t happen no more
Givin’ up easy
Ain’t in your design
That’s for some other kid – not mine
Days’ll whisk by

Cagney: What’ll I do if I can’t get a break?

Ma cagney: No point ‘less ya try

Cagney: What’ll I do if i’ve made a mistake?

Ma cagney: I made ya strong

Cagney: It ain’t all me now I’m working for two

Ma cagney: Don’t do yourself wrong

Cagney: Better get on then there’s planning to do

Ma Cagney:                                     Cagne:                              
Tellin’ a lie                                      Tellin’ what’s tr
Not askin’ why                                Got that from you
Thinkin’ that answe
Just drop from the sky
Givin’ up early                                 Givin’ up early
Not stayin’ the course...                  Not stayin’ the course
That’s for some other kid –         
.                                                  Not yours

Ma Cagney / Cagney: Settlin’ for seconds and not stayin’ true

Ma cagney: That’s for some other guy

Cagney: One too afraid to fly

Ma cagney / Cagney: That’s for some other guy

Ma Cagney: Not you...

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