A Gentleman's Guide - Sibella Lyrics

Broadway production (2013)
A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder the Musical - Sibella Lyrics

I see a nose that belongs on a coin,
And there's that smile, with a secret inside.
And here are two eyes that are bright,
With a mischievous light
You try, but can't quite hide.

Oh there's that voice, with a promise of sin,
And oh those lips, are a promise of bliss.
And i know that your embrace is a treacherous place -
There's danger in your kiss.

This is the face of a woman a man could easily worship
For all of his days!
But a man could as easily lose his sanity
Deciphering your gaze.

You are vain
And you're heartless
And yet,
I can feel in you a shade of sadness
That's barely detectable.
That i still want you at all,
I may live to regret.
You're deceitful,
You're delectable!

You see the fate of a man
Who has had the misfortune
To spend his life caught in your sway
I see, sibella!
My sibella.
And i like her that way.
I like her just that way.
And i want you
That way!

[Thanks to Nattybos for lyrics]

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Sibella Lyrics A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder musical

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