The Witches of Eastwick - Darryl Van Horne (Reprise) Lyrics

2000 London West End
The Witches of Eastwick the Musical - Darryl Van Horne (Reprise) Lyrics

The song is written by Dana P. Rowe and John Dempsey.

Poor little dear; your life's a greek dr ama;
One thunderbolt . . .

. . . Your parents are gone.
You've got a rough time staring you dead in the eye
And the whole of this town looking on . . .

DARRYL (spoken): Marge.

You're maybe one twitch short of a breakdown.
The camel's back before that last str aw.
You're so sad you could plotz,
Got your knickers in knots.
Well angel, just leave your knickers to moi.
'Cause jennifer,
Darryl van horne
Can be a font of compassion.

Mother once warned me;
Of what i'm not sure . . .

No honestly,
Darryl van horne
Has got a warm side, it's true.

You figured in there.
My mind is a blur . . .

A sensitive
New-ager, after a fashion.
But confident and fatherly, too . . .

DARRYL (spoken): You like children, don't you?

Jennifer (spoken): Yes, I do.

Well, whatcha know;
Darryl van horne
Has that in common with you.

Well I was out just walkin' the shore, and

GINA (spoken): Yes?

Who should I see, all greasy with charm?

GRETA (spoken): Three guesses.

None other than that animal, darryl van horne
With a lady-friend dr aped on his arm.

BRENDA (spoken): Please.

That's nothing new, I know, but it wasn't . . .

TOBY (spoken): What?

. . . One of the normal three; no, it's true.
Now I couldn't quite see who it was, but dear me
It seems, van horne has got someone new.

Margie, you must tell us who . . .

Get ready now,
Darryl van horne
Is back and ready, believe it.

Quick, light a candle! And offer a pr ay'r!

Together with
Darryl van horne,
You're getting stronger each day.

Good god, the scandal.
To think he would dare.

Whatever your
Dream is, reach out and achieve it.
Make those so-called friends of yours pay.
The new motto of

Darryl van horne . . .

“Let no one stand in your way.”

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