The Witches of Eastwick - Dirty Laundry (Reprise) Lyrics

2000 London West End
The Witches of Eastwick the Musical - Dirty Laundry (Reprise) Lyrics

The song is written by Dana P. Rowe and John Dempsey.

Dirty laundry, people.
Good gr acious me.
Dirty laundry, people
Exposed for all to see.
Just when you're hoping
It's buried and forgot
More dirty laundry fouls the plot . . .

DARRYL (spoken):  
Alex! Heard the news?
Two birds, one stone. Speaking of stones,
Who knew ol' clyde had any, huh?
The story goes after he did the little woman in,
He hanged himself in the closet. Hanged himself?
Hung himself? Screw it. Who cares?
Point is, I hadn't heard from you gals in a few days.
Everything alright? Call me.

Good lord, the tr agedy that's occurred in this town.

To two of our friends.

A horrid scene, or so they all claim.

No doubt that clyde had too much to drink.

And now i hear that jennifer's headed back home.

To tie up loose ends.

Both parents gone, it's truly a shame.

The question is, who's really to blame?

JANE (spoken): You can't possibly mean that, sukie.

ALEXANDRA (spoken): How is this our fault?

SUKIE (spoken): That sweet man.

JANE (spoken): It was a prank, for christ's sake.

SUKIE (spoken): I never told him.

ALEXANDRA (spoken): It was all in fun.

JANE (spoken):
No one knows exactly what happened in that house, sukie.

SUKIE (spoken):
He wanted to leave felicia. He told me.
To think that he could do something like this.
It’s just . . . Just . . . Just . . . Just . . .

JANE (hanging up.) (spoken):
You're stammering again, sukie.

ALEXANDRA (hanging up.) (spoken):
I can't talk about this.

SUKIE (spoken): Jane? Alex?

Look at me . . .

Look at me . . .

Look at me . . .

What have i done?

Dirty laundry, people;
Mangled and marred.
Dirty laundry, people,
Right in our own backyard . . .

DARRYL (spoken):
I'm getting sick of talking to this damn machine.
Where the hell have you girls been the last two weeks?
Two weeks! This isn't because of that clyde
And felicia nonsense, is it?
Honey, you make an omelet,
You're bound to break a few rotten eggs.
Now get the hell over here. I'm lonely!

Dirty laundry, people;
All grey and glum.
Dirty laundry with the
Promise of more to come.
Just when you're thinking
It's dealt with done and gone
The dirty laundry just goes on and on . . .
And on . . . And on . . . And on!

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