The Witches of Eastwick - Evil Lyrics

2000 London West End
The Witches of Eastwick the Musical - Evil Lyrics

The song is written by Dana P. Rowe and John Dempsey.

Half a pin . . .

Scr aps of tin . . .

And a ball of purple thread . . .

Cherry pits . . .

Bits of paper . . .

And a spider, long since dead . . .

Toenail clippings . . .

Rings and tabs . . .

From ancient cans of diet coke . . .

Broken buttons . . .

Half a cr ayon . . .

Eye of newt . . .

SUKIE (spoken): That's a joke.

ALEXANDRA / JANE (spoken): Oh.

FELICIA (spoken): Where the hell were you?
I needed you.

CLYDE (spoken): I'm going to have a scotch.
Would you like to join me?

By all means have a drink!
That's your answer to ev'rything, isn't it?
There isn't a problem on god's green earth
That can't be solved by a chivas neat.
And eight drinks on,
Life's looking sweet.
You get lost in a haze;
An anesthetized troll,
Blind to the blackness
That threatens
To swallow this town whole.

Clyde (spoken): I don't know what you're talking about, felicia.

FELICIA (spoken): You never do, clyde. You never d . . .

Clyde (spoken): Hey, look at that; she's finally paying off.

Evil, clyde.
Ev'ry where it can be
I look out and see.
Evil, clyde.
Would you just look around?
It's there in the woods,
In the trees,
In the moon as it glows.
In the winds
In the breeze . . .
The pow'r of the night's come to play.
It's all plain as day –

Evil, clyde.
And no one will discuss
This insidious
Evil, clyde.
There's no hope to be found
It starts in our flesh
In our skins.
That's where the evil grows.
From our lusts,
From our sins.
Madness, as real as can be;
This insanity –
The world's lost its mind.

But you,
No, you're doing fine
A sad little king
In a drunken decline.
From your weak little chin
To your weak little spine;
You're not fooling anyone, clyde.
Not you, more withered than wise.
A do-nothing drunk
Spinning pitiful lies.
From your combed-over hair
To your glazed-over eyes;
You're not fooling anyone . . .

CLYDE (spoken): Cherry pits . . . ?

Evil, clyde.
And it feeds by degree
On our apathy
Evil, clyde.
Creeping in without sound.
It starts in our homes,
In our beds
In our floors strewn with clothes
Like a plague
How it spreads . . .
And pity the woman who knows.

Do you think I don't see
The way
You look at sukie rougemont?
The way you drool and gape?
It doesn't escape me.
Oh, you want her, it's true,
But you can't see it through.
You don't have the balls . . .

CLYDE (spoken): Titleist.

FELICIA (spoken): This is all the doing of that man;
Darryl van horne. You know what he does
In that house with those women, don’t ya?

CLYDE (spoken): that’s not any of my business.

FELICIA (spoken): He fucks them, clyde.
All of ’em. Jane smart, that spofford bitch . . .

CLYDE (spoken): now, now sweetness.

FELICIA (spoken): . . .
Oh, and hardest of all he gives it your precious little sukie rougemont.

CLYDE (spoken): Sukie rougemont.

FELICIA (spoken): That’s right . . . !

Evil, clyde.
You're part of the problem.
Evil, clyde.
For just standing by.
The town's going mad.
And it's ev'ryone's fault.
Turn your back to the bad
In the face of assault,
And the final result
Is this ultimate
Evil, clyde!
Evil . . .
Evil . . .
Evil . . .
Evil . . . !

CLYDE (spoken): Felicia, I think we should just call it a day.

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