Calvin Berger the Musical - The Fight Lyrics

Lyrics and Music by Barry Wyner
CALVIN BERGER the Musical - The Fight Lyrics

Matt: You're freaking using me(spoken)
Calvin: What are you talking about?(spoken)
Matt: Dude what kind of a friend are you?(sung)
Rosanna: What's going on?(spoken)
Matt: Thanks a lot for the note
Calvin: What?(spoken)
Matt: I read what you wrote.
Buddy you had me tricked.
Calvin: Matt I - I know it looks bad but listen(spoken)
Matt: Hell of a fight you picked.
Calvin: It's not like that Matt I can explain.(spoken)
Matt: So now your ass gets kicked.
Rosanna: Matt stop it!(spoken)
Calvin: Let's discuss this later Matt.
I don't see a reason that Rosanna needs to hear (sung)
Matt: No I think that she needs to hear.
Rosanna: Hear what?(spoken)
Matt: This.
Rosanna: One of your notes?(sung)
Matt: I think you mean one of his.
Calvin: Once you do this, Matt it's done
And I'm not the only one who loses something here.
Matt: I'm done playing this game anyway.(spoken)
Rosanna: What game? What are you guys talking about?(spoken)
Calvin: Fine.But not here not like this.(spoken)
Matt: You tell her or I tell her.(spoken)
Rosanna: Tell me what?(spoken)
Calvin: I wrote the notes Matt gave you.(spoken)
Rosanna: What?(spoken)
Matt: Exactly. And...(spoken)
Calvin: ...And I made up a lot of the things he said to you.(spoken)
Matt: And?(spoken)
Rosanna: Why would you do that?(spoken)
Bret: So this is your big science project(spoken)
Calvin: What are you doing here?(spoken)
Bret: Just because you lie to me doesn't mean your mom has to.(spoken)
Calvin: Oh my god(spoken)
Matt,Rosanna,and Bret: Calvin what kind of friend are you?(sung)
Matt: Exactly(spoken)
Matt,Rosanna,and Bret: Calvin look waht you did.
Rosanna: Calvin what kind of kid writes you a phony letter.
Matt,Rosanna,and Bret: I thought I knew you better.
Matt: Friends don't look you in the eyes fooling you with fancy lies.
Rosanna and Bret:Exaxtly!
Matt,Rosanna,and Bret: Friends are people who are trusted.
Bret: Not you Calvin you got busted
(Overlapping each other-
Matt: What kind of friend,what kind of friend,what kind of friend?
Rosanna: What kind of friend,what kind of friend,what kind of friend?
Bret: Liar liar pants on fire.)
Matt,Rosanna,and Bret: What kind of friend are you?
Calvin: You guys are twisting everything around(spoken)
(Matt,Rosanna,and Bret: Calvin what kind of friend are you?4x)
Calvin: Bret I did work on the project,but then I finished early.
Matt I only hid my feelings because you never asked me.
Bret: Name one time you asked me mine.
Calvin: What does that mean?
Bret: Calvin all that we talk about is you!
What you feel,who you like-
Calvin: Bret you know that's not true.
Matt: That two faced jerk.
Brett: It is
Matt: I oughta kick his scrawny but.
Calvin: You ask and I tell you how I feel.
(Rosanna: But Matt guess what?
You're not so innocent yourself,
You're just a two faced jerk yourself.)
Bret: Calvin when will you figure out
That I can feel something too 'cause believe me I do.
Calvin: Bret I don't know what you're talking about.
Of course I care about your feelings.(spoken)
Bret: Forget it.(spoken)
Rosanna: Do you care about my feelings!(spoken)
Calvin: What?
Rosanna: You were obviously the mastermind here.
So how'd I get to be your lucky victim!?
Oh,pretty girls are dumb,right?
God I can just picture you two high fiving after every date.
Calvin: It really wasn't like that Rosanna.
Rosanna: Oh,then why?
Matt: Just tell her(sung)
Calvin: I-It's a long story
Bret: Just tell her(sung)
Rosanna: I've got time.
Calvin: I did it because...
Matt and Bret: Just tell her (sung)
Calvin: I did it because... because...
Rosanna: Because you're a jerk!
Calvin: Rosanna I-
Matt: Stay away from her!
Calvin: Ow! My nose!

[Thanks to Steph for lyrics]

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