Calvin Berger the Musical - I Can See Him Now Lyrics

Lyrics and Music by Barry Wyner
CALVIN BERGER the Musical - I Can See Him Now Lyrics

They're like peas in a pod, please tell me God.
Is there a pea for me?
I've been through the rest of the vegetable medley,

And boys are all so superficial, it's deadly.
Could this year be the year
My true love will appear?

I can see him now, handing me a love note in the hall,
I can see him now, choosing me over watching basketball!
I can see him now, showing up at my door 'cause he had to see my face!
Understanding when I want to stop at second base.
I can see him now, ready for our nightly rendezvous,
What's that on his arm? It's my name written in a fake tattoo!
I can see us now, sharing drinks, holding hands, rubbing noses in the car!
Trying hard not to scream from how similar we are.
He's my special guy. God, I wish that I could see him now.

Here it is, September, I'm the new kid once again!
Seven different schools since I was ten.
Wouldn't mind if someone took the time to say hello!
This place is as friendly as deathrow,
But it's nothing new.
It's deja-vous.
Same scene, different show.

ROSANNA: Do you know where Room. Uh, 214 is?
MATT: Heh, me?
BOTH: Woah.
MATT: I'm lost myself. Are you new here also?
ROSANNA: Noo, but my sense of direction is, like, infantile.
MATT: My dad sells tile.
ROSANNA: So... you just moved here?
MATT: Yeah.
ROSANNA: Well, good luck!
MATT: Why'd I say that?
ROSANNA: Why'd he say that?
MATT: She's hot!
ROSANNA: He's cute!

I can see it now, like an instant message from above,
The new kid in town, sent to me like a prophecy of love!
I should tell him now, I can show you the ropes,
Help you find your way around.
I know you're feeling lost, well, don't worry, you've been found,
I'll rescue you somehow...

Here it is September, I'm the new kid once again,
Goin' gets exciting now and then.
Wouldn't mind a girl like that to help me find my way,
Wish that I had something slick to say!
But I never do, it's nothing new,
But still, I'm gonna get that girl somehow!

I can see it now! I can see it now.

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I Can See Him Now lyrics from Calvin Berger the Musical

Calvin Berger the Musical Lyrics

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