Calvin Berger the Musical - Saturday Alone Lyrics

Lyrics and Music by Barry Wyner
CALVIN BERGER the Musical - Saturday Alone Lyrics

Saturday alone, and I can't stop thinking,
I should be there having fun.
Other kids are probably at some party drinking,

Me? I'm a party of one.
But I think the popular kids are losers,
I look like crap in tight jeans,
I think it's cool to be different,
Though different means.

Saturday alone, with the same old daydream,
What if I followed all the trends?
If I were a clone, and fit in the mainstream,
I could be out with some friends!
There's only one person I'd like to be with,
and he isn't thinking of me.
Calvin, you're on a wild-goose-chase.
Can't you see?
It's fantasy!

Look at me, look at me!
Look and see a girl, a girl who is your friend,
Now squeeze those words together,
So we can spend...

A Saturday alone, I mean, alone together.
That, I'd get used to pretty quick.
Saturday at home, snuggled on your sofa,
Watching some indie flick!

*Phone rings*
BRET: Hello?
CALVIN: Hi. you wanna come over?
BRET: Uh. sure? A little late for a movie, isn't it?
CALVIN: It's. something else. I'll explain when you come.
BRET: Okay. I'll see you in a few! *hangs up* Oh my God.

One little call, and my prospects look up!
What else could that be about?
Maybe a hangout will turn to hook up...
Only one way to find out!
Maybe I'm pretending, but something in his tone...
Says that I'm not spending this Saturday alone!

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Saturday Alone lyrics from Calvin Berger the Musical

Calvin Berger the Musical Lyrics

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