The Grinning Man - Brand New World Of Feeling Lyrics

2017 West End
The Grinning Man the musical - Laughter Is The Best Medicine Lyrics

The song is written by Tim Phillips, Marc Teitler, Carl Grose and Tom Morris.

This woman who has seen beneath my skin
To the muscle and the flesh of me
And not looked away

JOSIANA (spoken)
He came

Could open up a brand new world of feeling

JOSIANA (spoken)
God, I want you.
I’ve wanted you since the very first second
I lay eyes on you. I love you, freak

GRINPAYNE (spoken)

(sung) Every secret that is hidden in my heart

JOSIANA (spoken)
Hold me

Is melting away

JOSIANA (spoken)
What are you?

Mother, Father, goodbye

JOSIANA (spoken)
God! Beautiful, God!

Ursus, goodbye
Dea, goodbye

Fill me with your pain

We are going to build a world of feeling

QUAKE (spoken)
Oi. Just the freak I’ve been looking for

QUAKE (spoken)
Hell’s chief, my ladyship. Did this brute hurt you?

JOSIANA (spoken)
Quite the opposite

QUAKE (spoken)
Well, he’s wanted for questioning at the Vauxhall Tower

JOSIANA (spoken)

QUAKE (spoken)
The torture chamber, not the nightclub

Oh, the world has broken from its bud today
It is wilder than a nightmare
More beautiful than breath
I’m floating in a brand new world of feeling
Awoken by The Grinning Man
Transfigured by The Grinning Man

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