The Grinning Man - Somethings Going To Change Lyrics

2017 West End
The Grinning Man the musical - Somethings Going To Change Lyrics

The song is written by Tim Phillips, Marc Teitler, Carl Grose and Tom Morris.

Your thoughts are on fire
They’re scorching the air

GRINPAYNE (spoken)
What do you dream of, Dea?

A world of adventures for you and for me
And a father who loved me who I’ll never see

I dream of an ocean that’s boiling with foam
And how we will cross it to build a new home
With Mojo and Father

Grinpayne, listen to me
In this pain that you’re feeling, what is it you see?

Here in this city, I sense something new
I am close to our future and closer to you
And I’m close to my past but it’s hidden from view

Grinpayne, listen to me
If there’s fire in this darkness, it might set you free
If only you’d let yourself see

I can’t recall my mother’s face
My promises have gone to waste
I vowed to kill a man I’ll never find
What if this monster they’re crowding to see
Is all that I am and all I’ll ever be?

Something’s going to change

Dea, you love someone you can’t even see
Please help me find the monster who did this to me
Whose is the mask I’m wearing?

Grinpayne, listen to me
Yes, you did keep one promise
You kept me alive

Whose is the past I’m carrying?

Someone who saw who did this has survived

We find out what happened and then we’d be free

And this city of secrets could give us the key

In a world full of dreams
Somewhere over the sea

I promise to help you
You’ve always helped me

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Somethings Going To Change lyrics The Grinning Man

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