The Grinning Man - Josiana's Letter Lyrics

2017 West End
The Grinning Man the musical - Josiana's Letter Lyrics

The song is written by Tim Phillips, Marc Teitler, Carl Grose and Tom Morris.

I heard nothing ‘til I heard your tale today
But the music of your story has opened my eyes
We’re going to build a brand new world of feeling

I knew nothing ‘til I saw your face today
With a shiver of pain, I’m breathing again
Breathing in a brand new world of feeling

What can this be?

I see your heart

How can she see

It bleeds like mine

What no one else has seen?

I felt nothing ‘til I felt your broken soul
Its emptiness and pain like the cut of a knife
Has opened up my heart and given me life

What’s happening now?

Bloodied and broken

Could this be how

Broken and pained

I find out who I am?

I wasn’t living ‘til you gave me life today
Come find me at the riverbank
I’m sighing at the riverbank
I’m crying at the riverbank
I’m dying at the riverbank
Waiting for a brand new world of feeling

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Josiana's Letter lyrics from The Grinning Man

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