The Grinning Man - I Am The Freak Show Lyrics

2017 West End
The Grinning Man the musical - I Am The Freak Show Lyrics

The song is written by Tim Phillips, Marc Teitler, Carl Grose and Tom Morris.

I'm the stuff of your nightmares
Was I born of unspeakable monsters
I'm the shadow who walks in the night
And I strip all the stars from the sky
Who Am I

I'm the source of your fears
I'm the whisper of doubt in your ears
I'm the smile cut into the moon
I'm the single black note in the tune

Wipe the tears you cry
Your pity I despise

I am the freak show
I am the freak show
Watch me smile
Watch me smile

[Thanks to Charlotte for lyrics]

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I Am The Freak Show lyrics from The Grinning Man

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