The Grinning Man - A Scar Is Born Lyrics

2017 West End
The Grinning Man the musical - A Scar Is Born Lyrics

The song is written by Tim Phillips, Marc Teitler, Carl Grose and Tom Morris.

I’ve been smiled at
You’ve been smiled at
One small smile can change your world

Something is scorching the air round my head
Is this the truth?
Is this the truth now?

Now I’m smiling
You’re still smiling
Grinning like a bag of pearls

I used to think the purest form of bliss
Was laughing at the pain of people stuck in the abyss
But agony and joy have been so cunningly combined
That pain itself is pleasure of a wholly different kind

I’m laughing but it doesn’t feel unkind
I’m laughing like Saint Francis in a saintly frame of mind
My liturgy of laughter was a rough and ready creed
But this is life, a whirling soup, think dervish dogs, all screams

I’ve got a funny feeling in my hand
It’s feeling kind of freer like a brain that’s been trepanned
I used to think The Grinning Man was talented but odd
But now it seems to me that he’s the only son of God

Something keeps scorching the air round my head
Is this the truth?
Is this the truth now?

Everyone who sees him is amazed
At the grisly beauty of his face
A mutilated angel and a devastating freak
Hand on heart we promise he is totally unique

The Grinning Man has raised us from the grave
A thousand drowning desperados have today been saved
And all the fears we’ve ever felt have melted into joy
Transfigured by the agonies of this exquisite boy

Hallelujah praise The Grinning Man


He’s the greatest freak in all the land


If you haven’t seen him you will never understand

The truth now?

Hallelujah praise The Grinning Man
Hallelujah praise The Grinning Man
Praise The Grinning Man

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A Scar Is Born lyrics from The Grinning Man

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