The Grinning Man Musical Lyrics

The Grinning Man is a tragicomic musical based on Victor Hugo's novel The Man Who Laughs with a book by Carl Grose, music by Phillips & Teitler and lyrics by Grose, Morris, Phillips & Teitler.

The musical premiered at the Bristol Old Vic in October 2016 before transferring to the Trafalgar Studios in London's West End from December 2017.

2017 West End
The Grinning Man: Musical Songs with Lyrics

Act I

1. Grab It By The Horn (Pre Show) - Hans And The Bleeding Cheeks, Company Musicians
2. Laughter Is The Best Medicine - Barkilphedro, King Clarence, Josiana, Dirry-Moir, Angelica, Company
3. Show Us Your Face - Mother, Grinpayne, Company
4. The Mothers Song - Mother, Grinpayne
5. Hymn Of The Hanged - Trelaw, Grinpayne
6. Cry Of Pain - Grinpayne
7. Stars In The Sky - Ursus
8. Blind To Nothing - Dea, Ursus, Grinpayne
9. Beauty And The Beast - Grinpayne, Dea
10. Weep Oh Weep - Kupsak, Company
11. Somethings Going To Change - Queen Angelica,Kupsak, Company
12. Never Seen A Face Like This - Dirry-Moir, Josiana
13. Born Broken - Dea, Grinpayne, Ursus
14. I Am The Freak Show - Grinpayne
15. Roll Up! - Company
16. Josiana's Letter - Josiana, Grinpayne
17. A Scar Is Born! - Grinpayne, Company

Act II

1. Labyrinth - Grinpayne
2. Only A Clown - Barkilphedro, Trelaw, King Clarence, Mother, Grinpayne, Ursus
3. Brand New World Of Feeling - Grinpayne, Josiana
4. The Smiling Song - Grinpayne, Company
5. A New Beginning - Grinpayne, Queen Angelica, Josiana, Dirry-Moir, Company
6. Burn Down The Fair - Barkilphedro, Quake, Company
7. Finale - Grinpayne, Dea, Josiana, Queen Angelica, Dirry-Moir, Barkilphedro, Mother, Trelaw, Company
8. Stars In The Sky (Reprise) - Grinpayne, Dea, Ursus, Company


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