The Grinning Man - Never Seen A Face Like This Lyrics

2017 West End
The Grinning Man the musical - Never Seen A Face Like This Lyrics

The song is written by Tim Phillips, Marc Teitler, Carl Grose and Tom Morris.

DIRRY-MOIR (spoken)
You must come with me to the fair!
I have seen the most incredible act.
A man, a horribly, horribly disfigured man

I have never seen a face like this
Josiana, it’s a thing you mustn’t miss
A creature carved from burning hell
With heaven in his eyes
The ugliest, most brutal, and most delicate surprise

I promise you this man has changed my world
He makes me want to giggle like a river full of pearls
A miracle, an angel with a mutilated cheek
I promise you, my love, he is the greatest ever freak

I love it when you jump about like this

DIRRY-MOIR (spoken)
Oh, really?

Where is this thing that’s given you such bliss?

DIRRY-MOIR (spoken)
Like this?

I’d like to come and see it but to tell the truth I’m torn
To see you jumping up and down has given me the horn

Not right now
First you must come with me
And see what I’ve found

It’s not like you to pass up on a kiss

But I’ve really never seen a face like this
Screaming skin, a devil’s grin, a lipless nest of teeth
And what’s more a story that will make you weep with grief

JOSIANA (spoken)
Alright, tell me

In the first bit, there’s a puppet of a child

JOSIANA (spoken)
Oh, fuck off

No, trust me, by the end it drives you absolutely wild
And in between a love affair that’s beautiful and true
But more ugly and erotic than a visit to the zoo

Brother mine, concentrate and tell me what has blown your mind

DIRRY-MOIR (spoken)
At first, it makes you shudder with the shock.
Then, every pain you’ve ever felt starts screaming in the pit of your soul.
It flies into the air, through your mouth, your eyes,
and your hands, and then you forget who you are entirely.
And you’re utterly lost

And then, with sudden clarity, you’re him and he is you
And then you see that all the people round you feel that too
And then almighty laughter splits the silence like a knife
A shout of triumph from the heart
The pure laughter of life

Oh, brother, this is what I’m waiting for
Let’s go! It sounds much better than a wriggle on the floor

Let’s get down to the fair and see him while he is still here
The talent scouts might snap him up and then he’ll disappear

A cherub with a really rather ghastly homemade grin

You’re my treasure

As if his teeth were razor sharp and bursting through the skin

Built for pleasure

He’ll reach into the heart of you and pull your soul right through ya

Made to measure

That’s while I’m jumping up and down and screaming hallelujah

For our [?]

In all my days
I have never smiled
Like I smile today

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Never Seen A Face Like This lyrics from The Grinning Man

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