No H2O Lyrics

2013 West End
The Light Princess Musical - No H2O Lyrics

Song was written by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.

This is a moment
Like the day of my birthday,
When they said, “Mother’s dead”.
Quite a
Reason to sob
Trouble was there was a
Mob who was sobbing for me.
So I bucked-up and said no to
their crocodile woe.
It’s the same thing,
It’s a moment:
I have a choice and it’s cling
To my life or I die.
I’m a princess,
So don’t expect less:
My eyes are dry,
Only babes cry.
Now’s the moment:
Piper, they want me,
Why should I dread them?
I’m bred for this; I will wed them.
It’s my fate, it’s my duty.
Bring me scissors to cut off these juvenile locks:
It’s the stocks if you do not obey me.
Oh, I know, the woe! The woe!
Look at me, though –
Not a tear flow,
No H2O,
My eyes are dry,
Only babes cry.
It cost childhood,
It cost brother,
My confinement,
And the death of Mother...
It cost Digby
And the feeling
That he gave me –
Feeling like no other ...
But the real cost
Was whoredom,  
And  torture
By my father.
But I have the stomach and heart of a king:
I’m through it and now’s the moment.
Not a tear flow,
No H2O ...
My eyes are dry
If it’s goodbye.
All this weeping,
In our desert, it’s bizarre –
I’m a d’Arcy
Heartless brutes, that’s what we are.

Forced you? Broke you? Pinned you?
Braced you?
God, help you –
God, help us –
I could cry for Lagobel,
I could weep my whole life long
Till we would be completely
Under water, forever.

See your tears flow –
This  H2O,
Does it begin to express
This emptiness?
If the answer is yes
Then it’s true, I must be heartless,
I must be dead in here
Because I can’t cry.

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