My Own Land Lyrics

2013 West End
The Light Princess Musical - My Own Land Lyrics

Song was written by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.

King  Ignacio:
Son, it’s time; seize the prize –
They’re in chaos, you are ready,
You must mobilise.

This is it, now soar, my friend,
Up into your realm of levity.
While I stay grounded here,
Underneath the thumb of gravity.
I submit to my fate; no choice;
This decisive moment was foretold.
Since Mother died I’ve trained
For the day the blue land seized the gold.

King  Ignacio & Sealanders:
Everything is changing
Here on Sealand’s shores –

King  Ignacio:
And you must kill the Light Princess.

The war to end all wars.

Brother, destiny is calling.

I will fight to expand
My own land –

Digby & Sealanders:
My own land.

King Darius:
Daughter, don’t be absurd,
You are now the future Queen and
You are not a bird.          

Not a bird, not a plane, a girl;
Just without a grain of gravity.
Below is gloom and woe;
Up above, a life of levity.
Shut away out of sight with her;
That was what you chose, but I don’t mind.
I failed at life out there,
Father, I would rather stay confined.

King Darius & Servants:
Everything is changing  
Here in Lagobel.

King Darius:
Their crime means you’re the
Crown Princess –

I won’t go down to hell.

Dear friend, destiny is calling.

No, it’s not! I can’t stand
My own land –

Althea & Servants:
My own land.

I float like a leaf in the sky
In a neverland, immune to pain –

Well now, bear some weight.

Is that all for her?

Are they insane?
Things are looking very dim –

Althea & Piper:
Like a scene from Brothers Grimm –

I’ve got déjà vu, I’m six-years-old
And where’s my mother?

Servant 1:
She can’t ride a horse because she is light.

Servant 2:
She can’t wield a spear, as if she can fight?

Servants 3 & 4:
The day the Queen died,
The pangs and the pains.

Physician & Servant 6:
But Althea laughed 
There’s ice in her veins.

She won’t make a queen
Because she is light!
Althea Selma Isadora d’Arcy!

Everything is changing –

Nothing ever changes.

Here in Lagobel.
Any second I will smash these
Shackles into smithereens.

It’s not in me to rebel.

Digby, don’t forget your mother...       

You’re no hero like your brother.

King Ignacio Dylan Constantine!

King  Ignacio:
Our majestic shores and rivers blue
Hold no candle to this prince.

King Darius Phineas Montgomery d’Arcy!

King Darius:
Deep beneath our thirsty desert,
Gold by the tonne –
But it’s worth nothing without my son.

Royal princess swallow your sighs,
Rise above their sorrow and lies,
Why don’t you go
Where there’s no woe? –
Up in the skies
Where no one cries ...
I feel, I feel, I feel light ...

Lagobellans & Sealanders:
Everything is changing!

King Darius & King  Ignacio:
Everything is changing now!

King Darius:
No more light!
She’ll command –

King Ignacio & Digby:
He/I will fight to expand –

King Ignacio, Digby, Falconer & Llewelyn:
My own land!  

God help Lagobel! Help us, God, now!

Sealand  evermore! Sealand now!

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