A Hypochondriac's Song Lyrics - Out of My Head

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Out of My Head the Musical - A Hypochondriac's Song Lyrics

Every morning while the world is waking
I'm still up and shaking,
holy god it's a new day
Another chapter and a new affliction filled with fraud and fiction,
The conviction death for sure
I feel sick catch my breath, and its gone
This is it this is death just hold on
Then everything's fine
The panic it passes
And I feel a little crazy I was so afraid
I die for some foolish reason and I don't know why
But I do know it sounds corky and queer
And I know that it's hard to relate to my fear
You think go get some air get a drink and a spine
And get out of your mind
I've lived my life like this for god know how long,
some things always wrong
The song goes on and on and on
Cause if you can catch it than I'm sure I've caught it
or at least I've thought it
Aids got it cancer got it TB got is bird flu got it sars not got it
But I'll get it yet
Give me pills give me blood give me bed
Nothing helps all this shit in my head
Then everything's fine
Birds sing in blue skies
And everyone's happy everybody's at peace
But me, I'm locked in a closet surfing web MD
And I know its all nuts; I know that it's true
I ask myself what's the matter with you
Go get yourself help, get a shrink you'll be fine
And get out of your never mind
Stop and look at yourself.
What are you doing? did you? Never mind
This talking to yourself like this
This pills
This problem
This pity
Somebody please
Get me out mind
I want to look to the future
Wanna go buy a calendar I'll actually use
Then how, wanna plan a vacation for six months from now
Wanna go and subscribe to a good magazine
Plant a garden and thrive and exit the scene
Wanna find me a guy who will never ask why
I hold him so tightly with every goodbye
And then I'll be so happy I just might die

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A Hypochondriac's Song Lyrics Out of My Head

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