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Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
We Foxes the Musical - Map of Scars Lyrics

All these days, I’ve waited for salvation.
But them angels don’t come,
And I’ve come to an end —
Too long comforted by grief,
My best-known friend.
I been blind and I been voiceless,
Had no mind, chose to be choiceless.
I thought patience led to good.
Just a kid… did the best I could.

Beaten down now, tired from standing still,
The angels still don’t come.
Yet I start to mend,
Here again with good ol’ grief
At river’s bend.
Laid too long with no desire,
Burned to kindle others’ fire,
Ain’t never asked for much — my first mistake.
In life ya keep just half your take.
Got nothing now but a back to break.

A map of scars leads from home,
Grave by grave by grave.
A map of scars marks the place:
Here’s a soul to save.

This voiceless girl has found a tongue to speak.
And I see angels all around:    
Buried loves I will keep.
From my arms, take my illusions
And fling ‘em deep.
I’ll be damned if I should wallow.
Ain’t no lamb.  No flock to follow.

Blood now boils in my veins and melts the ice,
Still I shiver from the pow’r to pay the price
I’m salvation, I’m deliv’rance, I am sacrifice —

This map of scars guides me on.
My fam’ly shows the way.
My map of scars spells by wounds
Save your soul today.
I save my soul today.

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Map of Scars Lyrics We Foxes

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