Ground Lyrics - Darling

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Darling the Musical - Ground Lyrics

Lost boy
You’re a lost boy
And you could have been mine
You could have been mine

PETER: (spoken)
I don’t know how to do this alone

Our parents wished they never had us
That be might be why we’re a mess
I wondered, Peter, could we be happy
Together no, but separate, yes
She has a chance, Peter
We have a chance, Peter
To give this child a life’s devotion
If not from two, but love from one

You will always be a child
You will always want for
Something more
Something different
Something better
But while your head is in the clouds
While your feet are off the floor
I am below
And I see

There is so much life on the ground
There is so much good on the ground
And no matter how I tried
You just stay a boy inside
Never tied to the ground

You showed me love could be desire
Breathless fire like that I made with you
All-consuming, overwhelming
Happy madness, full of passion
But passion passes and it floats
To the air into the sky with you

But maybe love is what is left on the ground
Love is where I am on the ground
It’s inflexible as steel
And it’s never quite ideal
But mine was real
On the ground

Oh if life were just easy, easy
If love were over
If the going were breezy breezy
Can you never run
So stay young and careless
The beautiful boy with the scars
Never let those who are airless
Keep you from reaching the stars

But this time I must stay on the ground
I must find my way on the ground
And I’ll grow as children do
As all people will but you
But somehow I’ll get through
On the ground

Go now Peter
Fly away
But if some night you return
I will be here
We will be here
And what I’ll do
I will leave the window open
I will leave the window open
For you

I want to fly into a sky of you dear
Oh won’t you be my happy thought
In me you’ll trust I am just for you
Oh won’t you won’t you won’t you
Please be my happy thought

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Darling Ground Lyrics

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