Her Sweater Lyrics - Mrs. Sharp

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Mrs. Sharp the Musical - Her Sweater Lyrics


I really like this sweater.
Its a perfect fit.
Makes my boobs look better.
She wont mind a bit.
Marshalls couldnt sell it,
Ya cant make this with dyes.
But if you look, you can tell it
Really complements my eyes
Bet the jackets my size

Oh god, I love this pea coat.
I wont feel so fat.
It's a very me coat
But it needs a hat.
And this.  And that.
Dress-ups such a frenzy—!
Fuss more with your hair
You need blush, mckenzie.
(Looking at kimberlys purse.)
Lets see could be some in there?
Oh, she so wouldnt care!

Ooh  ooh
Ooh  ooh

(Seeing herself in the mirror.)
I can't believe I'm saying
I like what I see.
Sixteen years of praying
I'd wake up and be
Someone other than me
And I...

(MCKENZIE hears the sound of JAKE
and KIMBERLY making love upstairs.
MCKENZIE makes a mental note of this,
smiles and takes one last look at herself in the mirror.
SHE looks fabulous. )

Really like this sweater.

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