Four-legged Creatures Lyrics - Rope

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Rope the Musical - Four-legged Creatures Lyrics

Once tracked the earth with blood.
Four-legged creatures crawling,
Monsters mauling
Other beasts in the mud.

And yet,
One felt unlike the rest,
Not like the creatures quaking.
His back was aching,
And something stirred in his breast.

He had to stand up on his back two legs,
Couldn’t stay down with the savage lot.
He raised his hand and it felt good,
And among those four-legged creatures,
He stood.

They pointed and they laughed.
Four-legged creatures scowling —
But some were growling — !
So our hero built a raft.

He had to stand up, had to see the world,
Or fall victim to the savage lot.
He waved his hand and opened mast,
Leaving all those four-legged creatures
At last.

His life alone, was grim.
A single creature groping,
Searching, hoping,
Someone else was like him.

Won’t someone stand here?  Call his name?
Won’t they see this
Grit and will he’s got?
He came to land and docked his skiff,
Where he heard no sound, not a creature …

Till through a stand of trees
He heard them come,
Some had three legs, five,
Some quite a lot.
They had a band and they liked his style,
Said, “We don’t care a
Wit for your features.
There’s much to know; we’re
Students and teachers.
And aren’t we all just
Heaven’s creatures — ?!
So come and stand up on our own two legs,
Let us dance if drums can hit the spot.”
So it was grand!      
And god bless his clan:
The tale of the two-legged creature  
Called man.

… Who, truth be told, met a friend.
And we know how that would go.
The end.

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Four-legged Creatures Lyrics Rope

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