I Have Seen the After Lyrics - Rope

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Rope the Musical - I Have Seen the After Lyrics

I have seen the After.
For some, it’s a wood,
Dim but sweet to walk;
Others, it’s an ocean,
Smellin’ bright ’n white ‘n mist;
—Or it’s all stone that’s burned…
Yer After is whatever ye’ve earned.

Trav’llin’ through the After,
Ye’r soon at a gate
Or a shore of sand —
Aye, some entrance to a country
Where ye’ll pass your goodly time.
Ye shout, “Where’s the one who runs this show?”
‘N a soul steps near,
Whisp’rin’ “Only we are here…
Welcome to the After,
Aye, welcome to the After,
Aye, aye, aye, they sing!

God is there.
God is air, there.
God is the mother ye thought lost,
She’s yer husband, he’s yer child,
‘N now, you, too.
Now, God is you, too.
(As the rope.)
God is over, under, through.

This time in the After…
I swear Daniel looked
Right at me in a glass —
The light turned gray and green
Like the eyes as I once had —
And he reached out his hand,
Sayin’, “Leave my Deadland, Shy.”

Smilin’ like the moon,
“Goodbye, my friend,” he said.
“We’ll be together…

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I Have Seen the After Lyrics Rope

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