Cinderella Lloyd Webber - The Ceremony Lyrics

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - The Ceremony Lyrics

"The Ceremony" is a song performed by Rebecca Trehearn (The Queen) and Victoria Hamilton-Barritt (The Stepmother).

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
I just love a wedding
Don't our darling children look happy?

QUEEN: (spoken)
You can barely tell that they don't know each other's names

If any person here present can show just cause
Why they may not be lawfully joined together
Speak now or forever hold your peace

PEASANT: (spoken)
It's Prince Charming!

PEASANT: (spoken)
I love you, Charming!

I love you too, peasant

PEASANT: (spoken)
We thought you were dead

PEASANT: (spoken)
Where have you been, Charming?

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