Cinderella Lloyd Webber - The Godmother's Shop Lyrics

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - The Godmother's Shop Lyrics

"The Godmother's Shop" is a song performed by Gloria Onitiri (Godmother) and Carrie Hope Fletcher (Cinderella).

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Hello? Is anyone here? Hello?

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
Who are you?

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Um, I'm Cinderella
What's your name?

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
I'm the Godmother
What can I do for you?

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Right, um, I wanted to get a dress for the ball tonight

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
The royal ball?
This is rather short notice
My other clients have been preparing all week
They've been breaking their backs getting ready

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Oh, am I too late?

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
It's never too late here, but it'll cost you

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
My savings
It's not very much, but—

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
Put that away! We don't deal in money here
We deal in dreams
To make yours come true
I need to know you are serious
Because what I do is serious
That is what I want

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
My mother's necklace?
I'm sorry, it's all I have of hers—

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
Then good evening to you

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
There must be something else—

Don't waste my time, child I am an artist
I finish what God didn't get right
Each flawless face and magnificent body
You see in the town is a masterpiece I have enhanced

CINDERELLA: (spoken)

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
An old trinket
It seems a very small price to pay, doesn't it?
To be loved
Now, what can I do for you?

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