Cinderella Lloyd Webber - Ego Has a Price Lyrics

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - Ego Has a Price (reprise of "Beauty Has a Price") Lyrics

"Ego Has a Price" is a song performed by Georgina Castle (Marie) and Carrie Hope Fletcher (Cinderella).

MARIE: (spoken)
Oh, boo-hoo-hoo

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Marie, come to gloat?
I'm leaving town so you can cool it on the insults
You've won

MARIE: (spoken)
So touchy
I didn't come here to insult you
I came here to forge an alliance
I don't like my mother any more than you do
And I don't fancy being runner-up
to my sister for the rest of my life
Admit it, neither of us want this wedding to go forward
So we could help each other

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
I have to go

Don't be an idiot, you love Sebastian
And god knows he's crazy about you
Don't be self-pitying, you are the one
Who can shut down this ill-fated wedding and rescue us all

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
It's too late

MARIE: (spoken)
No it isn't
But it will be once those church bells ring
You still have time
Run to the church and tell him you love him

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
I can't

MARIE: (spoken)
Oh, for God's sake Cinderella
This is your last chance to be truly happy
Are you really not going to take it?

This is your wakeup call, ego has a price
You're not the only victim here, why not roll the dice?
You are brave you are strong, we can help each other

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Marie, we are leaving for the church, get down here

Hurry up, hit the bricks, overcome your pride

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)

Do you want a fairytale ending? You decide

STEPMOTHER: (spoken)
Marie, I will skin you alive!

You can choose happiness, we can help each other
Happiness waits for you, we can take on mother

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