Cinderella Lloyd Webber - Beauty Has a Price Lyrics

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - Beauty Has a Price Lyrics

"Beauty Has a Price" is a song performed by Carrie Hope Fletcher (Cinderella) and Gloria Onitiri (Godmother).

I want to be hot toenail to lash
I'm talking blazingly hot, I mean like volcanic ash
I wanna set men on fire and make them wild with desire
I wanna dress like a queen, turn all the other girls green
Please make me a dream, you know the drill
Make me like everyone else, only a lot better still
Just like that goddess from Greece,
You know, who launched all the ships
So when men stare in my eyes it's like a solar еclipse

I know what you're wishing for, beauty has a pricе
It's well worth the squishing, for corsets are a vice
Don't think twice, in a trice you get what you wished for
Buckle up, don't forget, beauty isn't cheap
It can cost you all you own and your beauty sleep
But forewarned and adorned, I will grant your wishes

I need a new look to be erased
A lotta flash and some glitz with just a smidgeon of taste
A sexy blonde or brunette, someone that I've never met
Let's go for way OTT, I wanna disappear me

I can take care of this, let me first explain
Get a metamorphosis, beauty equals pain
Redesigned and refined, you won't recognize you

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
It all sounds a little extreme

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
Is this really what you want to look like for the rest of your life?

CINDERELLA: (spoken)

I'll make you beautiful and it's worth the price
It's worth all you'll ever own, any sacrifice
So my child, let's go wild, you shall go with bells on
There is no magic, it's not supernatural
You will see beauty is brutal
Cold cremes and pumices, skin peels, astringents
And tight-fitting garments that bind you and pinch you
And make your extremities numb

I do miracles, you want some curves?
Let's break a rib or two
If unafraid to chance it, a surgeon with a lancet
Can bring about what you're wishing for
Though results are not guaranteed
I can achieve what you're fishing for
Though you're guaranteed to bleed
Slim her down, shape her up, beauty has a cost
We may need to tape her up but not all is lost
With some glue, staples too, it will do 'til midnight

Let's skip surgery, we haven't time
I tried something less extreme
But come a little nearer and look into the mirror
This, I believe's what you're wishing for

Who's that ravishing,
Head-turning girl that I don't recognize
And can it really be that she is really me?

CINDERELLA: (spoken)
Why did I spend so long resisting this?
I look so much better

GODMOTHER: (spoken)
Now put these shoes on
They're made of solid crystal so don't be surprised
If they cut into the skin the teensiest bit

Glittering, glamorous

God, these shoes are tight

He'll be feeling amorous, spellbound at first sight

I'm so fine, it's a sign, he'll be mine by midnight

But my pet, don't forget, beauty has a price
You will be in agony, let me be precise
In this frock, by twelve o'clock, you will be in torment
Go ahead, knock him dead, just be home by midnight

Look at me Cinderella I'm on fire after all
There's a boy I've set my sight on
Could it be Cinderella will be belle of the ball
And I'll gladly dance the night on
Leave a light on

Like I said, knock 'em dead, beauty has a price
Just be home by twelve in bed, better yet on ice
In those shoes, she will bruise, best be home by midnight
Best be home by midnight

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