Cinderella Lloyd Webber - I Am No Longer Me Lyrics

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - I Am No Longer Me Lyrics

"I Am No Longer Me" is a song performed by Rebecca Trehearn (The Queen) and Ivano Turco (Prince Sebastian).

You can all shut your faces, remember your place
Show your soon to be king some respect, not disgrace
I will honor my country, take one for the team
I'll bury my heart, I'll no longer dream
'Til I'm no longer me
And I could be a tyrant, you'll just wait and see
I am nobody's fool and I'm no longer me

Darling, don't be so grumpy and don't be so blue
And forget that ghastly girl
She was completely wrong for you

I will meet your demands, I will marry on cue
Like you, I'll be cold and passionless too
'Cause I'm no longer me

You should grovel and fawn or you'll all soon be gone
I can quickly replace you with nеw hangers on
You may think me uncool if I rule by dеcree
I'm the big dog in Belleville, but no longer me

We all want to keep our heads, son
So don't go off your meds, son
When they last rebelled, they drew blood
Every blueblood was afraid
So my darling, do your duty
And later, on the QT
For a thrill a peccadillo with a cheeky chamber maid, sweetie
Now you know it's all a show, a cynical charade

I will do as you ask, I will put on my mask
And I'll cruelly perform this deplorable task
I will march down the aisle with a total unknown
Unloved and alone I'll sit on the throne
As I'm no longer me
And my soul will be crushed by the weight of my crown
Say goodbye to the princeling you thought was a clown
So you all needn't worry, I'm no longer me
For what's left of my lifetime I'll never be free

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