What Were You Thinking?/ Introduction to Far Too Late Lyrics

2021 West End
CINDERELLA Lloyd Webber Musical - What Were You Thinking?/ Introduction to Far Too Late Lyrics

Performed by Victoria Hamilton-Barritt (Stepmother) and Carrie Hope Fletcher (Cinderella).

Poor Cinderella, you must be broken
Now with no prospects, no family, no friends
Left with this ghastly shoe as a token
You could have had it all, here's where it ends
So you crushed your own dreams
He was so in love with you
And it's very clear you love him too
What were you thinking?

Everything is my fault, how did I not see this?
Torching all my bridges is what I always seem to do
From the time when we both were children
I have somehow refused to see
Though Sebastian was too shy to see it
He loved me, he lovеs me
Did I need him to choose another
So I'd know that I lovе him too?
Yes, I love him and now there is nothing I can do
I can do

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