Caroline and Noah FIght Lyrics

Caroline, or Change the Musical - Caroline and Noah FIght Lyrics

No. It's mine. I'll tell daddy.
I'll tell Rose!

You left that money in your clothes,
Easy comes and easy goes.

Give it back! It isn't fair!

You think I care?
Don't shout at me!
I found this money in your pocket.
Your mama says I gets to keep it.

No she didn't! Pocket change!
She never said you could have my present!
Twenty Dollars! Give it! Mine!
Twenty Dollars! Give it! Mine!
Twenty Dollars!
Twenty Dollars!
Twenty Dollars!
Twenty Dollars!

Go, Noah, scram, out of my face!
Don't leave your money all over the place.
Now I can take my boy to the dentist.
Now I can buy real presents for Christmas.
The twenty's mine, now go away,
Ain't nothing but money, you gots plenty rules are rules!
Noah, you stop it,
calm yourself!

Give it back! Stop it!
No no no no no no no!
Give it back!
I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

There's a bomb
President Johnson has built a bomb
Special made to kill all negroes.
I hate you. I hate you.
Kill all negroes. Really! for true!
I hope he drops his bomb on you.

Noah, Hell is like this basement,
Only hotter than this, hotter than August,
With the washer and the dryer and the boiler full blast,
Hell's hotter than goose fat,
Much hotter than that.
Hell's so hot it makes flesh fry
And Hell's where Jews go when they die.
Take your twenty dollars baby.
So long, Noah, goodbye.

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