Noah Has A Problem Lyrics

Caroline, or Change the Musical - Noah Has A Problem Lyrics

Noah has a problem!
A problem with money!
A problem with change,
Loose change in his pockets!
He's forever leaving it, leaving it, leaving it,
Do your kids do things like that?
I bet they mind their money.

Yes Mrs. Gellman, they real good about money.

We have to
Teach Noah, we have to teach Noah,
To mind his money; to handle change!
So listen, I need you to help me teach him.
From now on if you find
Change in his pockets,
When you do the washing,
Just keep it,
Just keep it,
If he leaves it, it's yours.

I always find moneys
He leave in his pocket,
Pennies and nickels.
They go in the bleach cup.
I gives his money back to him.
I don't wanna take pennies from a baby.
Give him a whupping.

ROSE: (aside)
I hope she's not offended.
I hope this is the right thing.
Oh brother this is embarrassing!
I know but from now on,
You keep it; I'm sure
You can probably sue it? Mm-hmm.
And Noah must learn to mind it, or lose it.
It'll be like a raise!
Like Noah pays a share of your salary
For the cooking and cleaning,
You take such good care of us,
Other people's maids
Are so much nicer,
She never smiles,
It'd be wrong to fire her, but
How on earth did you stand it, Betty?
Jesus, lady, smile already!
He needs to learn consequences, mm-hmm.
I don't believe in whupping kids. Uh-uh.

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