Caroline, There's Extra Food Lyrics

Caroline, or Change the Musical - Caroline, There's Extra Food Lyrics

Caroline, there's extra food:
Sweet stuffed cabbage, cooked with brisket.
It's nutritious! Iron! Vegetables!
Bring it to your kids.

I can't use none, Mrs. Gellman,
My kids don't like it, turn they noses up.
The smell.

Your mother smoked too many cigarettes.

My father is a clarinet.

You mean he plays the clarinet.

I mean he plays the clarinet.
My mama was a sad bassoon:
They played duets.

She smoked those packs of cigarettes.

Tell them that cabbage is good for them!
Make them eat what's good for them!
They'll get use to the smell. I did.
Reminds me of home, a Northern smell,
Takes me back to Ocean Parkway!
They'll learn to love cabbage.
I did! I did! Cabbage boiled, iron beets,
It makes them strong,
Children should be strong, and big!
Big strong children?

Noah! Noah!
He's so shy?
His mother was shy?
A hug could break him.
Noah darling!

Pack after pack of cigarettes,
We warned her they'd harm her,
She wouldn't listen.
They killed her, she?s dead,
They killed her she died.

Cancer get people when they poison sick and angry;
Or it just get them cause it get them, no reason.
Took my momma same as yours.
God make cancer Noah
Like he make the whole world,
You and me and this wash machine.
When cancer eat people Noah
It God eating them;
God sometimes eat people like a hungry wolf.
He make this whole world as a test.
Cancer was your momma's test,
And her death is your test. You been tested, too.

Did God make the dryer?

No, the Devil made the dryer.
Everything else, God made.

Everything else, God made!

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