I Got Four Kids Lyrics

Caroline, or Change the Musical - I Got Four Kids Lyrics

I got four kids.
Four kids.
Four kids.
I got divorce!
I had to
Four kids!
Had to get divorce!
Been twenty-tow years of cleaning.
For all them years I worked and prayed.
Every day I doing laundry,
39 and still a maid.
In Nineteen-Sixty-Three!
I thought for sure by now I be
Better off than this!
39 year old!
Should be somewhere
Being kiss by Nat King Cole.
It nineteen-sixty-three and I
I wish every afternoon I die:
Cook and clean and mind that boy,
Doing housework doing laundry
sixteen feet below the sea.
Thought for sure by now I be?
Someplace cooler, someplace high,
Someplace where there's something dry
Don't come from no lectric dryer, doing something finer,
something not as meek, as getting hit and turning cheek;
Hit! and turn the other cheek.
Hit! and turn the other cheek,
Doing laundry underground
For thirty dollars every week.
Thirty dollars every week.
And I am mean and I am tough but?

Thirty dollars ain't enough.
Thirty dollars ain't enough.

Nothing happen underground in Louisiana.
Cause there ain't no underground in Louisiana.
There is only underwater.

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