Jasper in Deadland - The Remembering Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - The Remembering Lyrics

[JASPER] The bridge was made of glass. Take my hand.
[GRETCHEN] I can't. You know what happens if we fall.
[JASPER] Trust me.

[JASPER] Hey Agnes, you wanna meet in the locker room after Spanish class?

[AGNES' FATHER] I don't want you to see this Jasper anymore.

[JASPER] Agnes, you're the most amazing person I've ever known.

[In present]
[GRETCHEN] Jasper, I, it's me.

[GRETCHEN] Agnes is me. Agnes was always me!

[GRETCHEN] I had forgotten you! I had forgotten all of it, but you, you did it!
You came back for me! I knew you felt the same way for me as I do for you,
I knew you loved me!

[JASPER] I'm sorry. I don't love you.

[GRETCHEN] What? Jasper, don't move, the glass is cracking!

[JASPER] Jasper? Who's Jasper?

[MALE VOICES] Goodbye!
[MALE VOICES] Goodbye!
[FEMALE VOICES] Goodbye! Goodbye!
[MALE VOICES] Goodbye!
[ALL VOICES] Jasper goodbye!

[Thanks to Abram for lyrics]
[Thanks to Ryan Cutler for corrections]

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