Jasper in Deadland - Hungry for Your Heart Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - Hungry for Your Heart Lyrics

Baby, you crept to my booth,  
Prayin’ “maybe, i won’t git to the truth.”
But lawd, i’ve lived a long time,  
And i’ve wallowed in your mud.

Lawd, I’ve lived a long time                    
And I can smell your type of blood. Woah!

Cruel boy: you’ve ruined jungles of girls.
But, I’m no fool, boy: 
You toss the oysters for pearls.
Lawd, I’ve lived a long time,   
And I’ve met me some mis’rable men! 
But lawd, from now to all time,      
I’ll choose your kind again and again.   

I love a

Bad kid! (give a taste! I wan’ a little!)
Bad kid! (dress you up, and have a slice.)
From your neck to your butt,  
I wanna cut down the middle,  
With a whittle at the gut,         
Tell you what
Don’t that sound nice?                     

I’m hungry for your heart, ooh!
I got a cravin’!
Hungry for your heart, ooh!   
I got a cravin’!

You’re danger, bound to break all my laws.
Game-changer, you’re why
God gave me claws.        
But lawd, it’s been a long time…   
‘n you’re only human, after all.
Lawd, for now and all time
When you scream I’m gonna answer the call.

So be

Bad kid. My inside’s all hoots and howls. It’s
Bad, kid. Need to get you doused in grease,
Pinch some cumin, cayenne,
So you kick past my jowls,
To mah bowels, baby then
Say amen!  Let’s have a piece! 

I’m hungry for your heart, ooh!
I got a cravin’!
Hungry for your heart, ooh!
I got a cravin!

So, can I get a witness?
Boy, we best get down to bid’ness, ‘cause you

Bad kid!  Time to finally admit it.
You bad kid! Time to take your soul a dump!

Bear your soul, baby! Tell me your regrets, tell me your wrongs,
Tell me all your mistakes but miss just one thing—! And I take the cake.


I swore my bones you’d be tough,
Off-the-cuff but committed.
But you bit it. That was rough.
Ain’t enough! So sorry, chump!

Yassuh, I’m gonna git it.
It’s been a la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-long time…
But ooh! I’m gonna git it, git it
Git it, git it now—!

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Ryan Scott Oliver Hungry for Your Heart lyrics from Jasper in Deadland the musical

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